Beacon recovered after teen pilot’s ocean crash

suleman pilots american samoa

American Samoa (AP) — Officials in American Samoa say they have recovered a personal locator beacon registered to an Indiana teen and his father who crashed off the U.S. territory last month as they attempted to fly around the world.

Seventeen-year-old Haris Suleman died in the crash and his father, Babar Suleman, is still missing.

American Samoa Department of Homeland Security Director Iuniasolua Savusa said Monday that the beacon registered to the Sulemans was retrieved from a family in a shoreline village.

Savusa says local authorities got a call late Sunday from the U.S. Force Rescue Center in Florida that the beacon was transmitting GPS coordinates.

Police searched the shoreline and Homeland Security issued a bulletin Sunday night for help from the community.

Savusa says a young boy found the device and took it home.

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