Convicted copper thief receives 5-year sentence

Shawn Ogasawara
Shawn Ogasawara

A convicted copper thief was sentenced to five years in prison Monday.

Shawn Ogasawara was arrested back in March for stealing copper wiring near Nimitz Highway.

The wiring belonged to Hawaiian Telcom.

The 37-year-old apologized to the company and asked the judge for another chance.

“For my actions that I did, I take full responsibility. I would like to be given another opportunity to be a father for my kids,” he said. “I get one problem and it’s not a drug problem. It’s something mentally, I know it’s that.”

But the judge said she had to sentence Ogasawara to prison, partly because of his lengthy criminal past.

Prosecutors called Ogasawara a career criminal because he has 49 previous arrests and several convictions.

This is his ninth felony offense.

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