Maui stream to close this week for monitoring equipment service

Pool at Oheo gulch (Photo: Haleakala National Park)

The Oheo stream, located along the Pipiwai Trail, will be closed for several days starting Tuesday while the stream monitoring equipment is serviced.

Per Haleakala National Park safety policy, the stream is closed whenever the equipment is offline because flood levels cannot be determined.

The stream monitoring equipment consists of a series of sensors located along several miles of the Palikea and Oheo streams.

The sensors track water levels and rainfall and the system sounds an alarm in the Kipahulu Visitor Center when flash flood conditions are possible. The triggering of the alarm signals heightened flood potential and results in closing of the pools to visitors.

Visitors are advised to abide by posted “stream closed” signs and the direction of park staff. Injuries and fatalities have resulted from visitors entering closed areas.

The following photos provided by Haleakala National Park show the stream in a flooded state:

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