East Hawaii suffers major damage, outages from Iselle

The island that sustained the most damage from Iselle was the Big Island, especially the Hilo side.

The area suffered blackouts, raging rivers, downed trees and power lines, like on Paradise Road in Hawaiian Paradise Park.

Resident Wendy Karr said she heard “loud crackling and everything went down. A big tree just covered the whole road.”

Karr said her home hasn’t had power since 11 p.m. Thursday.

All throughout Hawaiian Paradise Park, it was more of the same. “Citizens with their chainsaws have been out cutting and making way so people can drive,” said resident Carol Orlick.

Hawaiian Beaches in Puna also took a hit with debris and uprooted trees lining one of the area’s main thoroughfares.

A home on Papio Street suffered major wind damage with part of its roof blown right off.

“What happened was Hurricane Iselle,” said resident Jorgina Blantz. “I haven’t slept all night. We’ve been cleaning the house, the roof went off about 9-ish, I’m not quite sure when for sure. I was in shock. All I know is I heard a different noise, went out my side door, I did my flashlight, my heart fell to my feet.”

Nearby Hawaiian Shores also took a hit with water outages.

“Currently we have 456 people out of water. We broke a line somewhere due to the Albizia trees and our tank is completely empty,” said Samantha Martoni, Hawaiian Shores Community Association.

Despite the damage, no one was injured.

hilo blown roof

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