Windward Oahu residents relieved, ready for Julio

Oahu residents are breathing a collective sigh of relief, but that feeling is temporary knowing that Hurricane Julio could be just two days away from landfall.

Many Oahu residents KHON2 spoke with saw Iselle as a drill that made them more prepared to face whatever Hurricane Julio has in store.

Winds gusts knocked down some trees and blocked roads while waves washed up onto roads and properties near the shoreline.

For residents who lived close enough to hear the ocean outside their windows, knowing Iselle was on its way gave them an uneasy feeling.

“We couldn’t sleep last night. Pretty much the weather was kind of crazy, the winds, so you have that uncertainty in your mind,” said Kaaawa resident Ricky Wu.

“(I was) a little bit on the nervous side because you’re up and watching the signs, what’s coming, but this one was actually a lot easier than what we were expecting,” says Kaaawa resident Mark Beebe.

iselle windward oahu (1)

Wind and rain have always caused problems in Windward Oahu so many residents prepared for the worst. They feel they got lucky this time around but they know they can’t let up just yet.

The Uluave family in Hauula took every precaution, such as putting sandbags around their yard and extra drainage for their rain gutters. But they didn’t expect the storm to damage their cesspool.

“we can’t use the bathroom, can’t wash our hands, gotta use the hose outside,” said Ipo Uluave.

However, the family is grateful that things were relatively calm, and the past week has made them even more prepared in case Hurricane Julio packs a more destructive punch.

“We got a little sampling. We just made some adjustments with our sandbags and now we feel like we’re set,” said Sai Uluave.

The Howard family just arrived from Utah on Wednesday in time for the two hurricanes to arrive. They’re feeling lucky so far as they stay near the ocean in Hauula.

“We’re feeling pretty prepared, but yeah we’re still a little nervous about that second hurricane coming in. We’re waiting to see what happens with that,” said Trevor Howard.

The only disappointment came from visitors who were left without much to do during their dream vacation.

“I hear that this is like the third hurricane in 25 years out here and we would pick the one week, the first time that I decide to come to the islands,” said California visitor Frank Westry.

The city said there were no reports Friday of any city property damage or sewer spills.

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