Experience college tours with virtual reality headset

virtual reality oculus rift

(CNN) — Want to visit the college of your dreams to find out if you like it? Well, you don’t have to get on a plane or even drive there. You can take a tour and go from one school to another, in seconds.

All you have to do is wear the Oculus Rift, a virtual reality headset that made headlines after Facebook bought it for $2 billion earlier this year.

A company called YouVisit is using it for virtual college tours. It’s virtual reality aimed at making college more of a reality.

Oculus Rift isn’t widely available yet, and even when it is, most people won’t have a $350 headset at home, but you could start seeing these devices at college fairs and recruitment events.

“We’re not replacing the actual visit,” said Taher Baderkhan, CTO of YouVisit. “We’re making kids more excited about the actual visit.”

“While this looks like a cool technology,” said former Yale tour guide and CNN producer Jordan Malter, “it’s the best way to experience a school, and to know if this is the place you want to study, is to actually go and visit and meet the people, not just look at an empty dining hall in virtual reality.”

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