Off-duty pilot among those honored by HPD for heroic actions

Paul Morgan receives the civilian certificate of merit from the Honolulu Police Department.

Good Samaritans and heroic officers were recognized by the Honolulu Police Department Wednesday.

Among them, a Hawaiian Airlines pilot who helped catch a criminal.

Back in April, Paul Morgan was at Koko Marina Shopping Center in Hawaii Kai when he saw a woman’s purse get snatched. He sprang into action and chased the suspect, eventually catching him and holding him until police came.

“Because of his efforts in apprehending the suspect and returning the stolen purse, Mr. Morgan was instrumental in bring this case to a close,” said Maj. Calvin Tong, Honolulu Police Department.

Morgan was presented a civilian certificate of merit.

Officer Kerwin Unten was awarded the department’s Bronze Medal of Valor, the third highest award given by HPD.

He and four other men helped an elderly couple trapped in a burning car in February 2013.

Unten pulled the couple to safety while the men extinguished the fire.

Those men received civilian certificates of merit.

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