DOT to postpone lane closures during back-to-school traffic

In just over a week, more than 51,000 university and private school students will be heading back to school, which means traffic will be getting worse.

“We want to remind everyone on Oahu that on Monday, August 25, there are going to be over 50,000 more university, college as well as private school students heading back to school,” said Jadine Urasaki, deputy director, Department of Transportation.

The news is probably not what commuters want to hear, but the city and state are trying to help.

“In anticipation of this, the DOT will be postponing construction-related lane closure activities during the daylight hours along our major highways and corridors,” said Urasaki.

Those projects on major highways and corridors will be delayed from Monday, August 25, through Friday, August 29, when the majority of students will be heading back to school.

While these delays will help, the DOT wants people to know they need to plan accordingly when heading to work or school.

“We’d like to remind motorists to be aware,” said Urasaki. “Plan and prepare to leave a little earlier than usual and give yourself extra time to get to school and work. Most importantly, make sure your vehicles are in good working condition to avoid any potential stalls.”

The DOT is also encouraging people to take alternative means of transportation that week like the bus, carpooling, walking or riding a bicycle. While the H-1 rehabilitation construction has wrapped up just in time, there have been some changes that motorists should take note of.

“Motorists need to be reminded and aware that both the lane width as well as the speed limit have been reduced or decreased in these areas, so again please drive safely and slowly,” said Urasaki.

Tow trucks will be on duty to provide free emergency roadside service to keep traffic moving if there are any vehicles that do break down.

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