Texas mother gives birth while registering son at school

(KPRC/CNN) — A mother was so determined to get her four-year-old son into pre-kindergarten, she went to register him while in labor.

The Texas mom ended up giving birth at the elementary school.

Vanessa DeLeon gave birth to her fourth son, Geovanni, while waiting in line to register his four-year-old brother for pre-K classes.

She was already in labor when she arrived at Fisher Elementary School in Pasadena, Tex.

DeLeon thought she’d just drop off his application and head straight to the hospital.

“I went and gave them the package and said ‘am I missing anything else, ’cause I’m in labor right now and I have to go.”

But she didn’t make out the front door. Geovanni wouldn’t wait.

DeLeon was ushered into the school nurse’s office where nurse Ashley Morris tried to help her while simultaneously calling 911.

“I’m trying to get on my gloves and I look and the baby is crowning,” Morris said. “So I threw the box down, I’ve got the phone here and I see the baby, and I had no choice. Mom pushed and we pulled the baby out.”

Geovanni was delivered before an ambulance could arrive, all six pounds, three ounces of him.

The baby was swaddled in school T-shirts because there were no towels available, then Geovanni and mom were off to the hospital.

And for his mother’s trouble, the school principal guarantees Geovanni won’t have to wait when he’s ready for kindergarten.

“Well, you know, he was born before Sept. 1, we can get him in school in four years,” said school principal Libby Escalante. “I want him in four years. I don’t care where you live, he needs to come to pre-K here.”

By the way, DeLeon successfully registered her four-year-old son before his brother was born. The boy will be attending Fisher pre-K when the school year begins.

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