Victim’s supporters rally after Deedy’s not guilty verdict

elderts rally

Supporters of Kollin Elderts held a rally and vigil Friday night after the federal agent who shot and killed him was found not guilty of murder.

This was the second trial for agent Christopher Deedy, who shot and killed Elderts in November 2011.

The rally started right in front of Honolulu Zoo. Supporters will march through Waikiki and will stop at the McDonald’s restaurant on Kuhio Avenue, where Elderts died.

Organizers of the rally say they’re still looking for justice.

“We are incredibly outraged at the injustice that has happened,” said Kalama Niheu, Elderts’ family spokesperson. “Deedy is a murderer and we understand that here in Hawaii, that young men of color cannot find justice here. Police officers, agents can go with impunity and kill young men.”

Deedy was found not guilty of murder Thursday, but the jury could not come to an agreement on several lesser charges, including manslaughter and assault. That means he could be re-tried on those counts.

The judge plans to hold a hearing to discuss that with the attorneys from both sides later this month.

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