Head coach Norm Chow addresses future of UH football

University of Hawaii head coach Norm Chow is speaking out on the future of the university’s football program.

Athletics director Ben Jay said Monday without help from the state or big donors, the future of UH football is unknown.

Although there’s no plan to get rid of football right now, Chow says “that’s not my concern at all” and stresses that football is still a moneymaker.

“You revenue with tickets, you revenue with television, you revenue with boosters and you just need to support these guys better. They deserve it,” Chow said. “We’re going to make this football team better. My job is to make this football team better. The coaches are working their backsides off and we’re going to put a product on the field that people are going to be proud of.”

Associated Students of the University of Hawaii president Steven Nishihara said full-time students already pay $50 a semester to support athletics. He hopes that Jay’s sense of urgency will prompt the community to respond and support the program.

The first game of the season is set for August 30 at Aloha Stadium against 25th-ranked University of Washington.

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