Overgrown tree covers Waipahu traffic light — who’s responsible?

An overgrown tree has some Waipahu residents raising questions about responsibility as well as concerns about safety.

A resident contacted KHON2 via Report It about a large mango tree that covered part of a traffic light.

We called the city to find out what people should do if they come across a potential hazard like this.

A city official said that it’s important for the public to call HPD. From there, a police officer will look at the problem and notify the appropriate city department.

In this case, the city said it had sent a crew to cut back the branches.

KHON2 also wanted to know about residential issues where someone’s tree or bushes encroach on a public area.

Instead of calling HPD, you can call the Department of Planning and Zoning Residential Code Enforcement Branch at (808) 768-8127, which will check into the problem and go from there.

As for encroachment issues between private properties, a city official said that is an issue between the private landowners.

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