Rep. Hanabusa will not challenge primary results

Rep. Colleen Hanabusa says she will not challenge the results of the primary election.

Despite several setbacks in the primary election process, Sen. Brian Schatz won the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate seat. The race, however, was close.

After the last two precincts voted Friday night — six days after the rest of the state — Schatz received 115,401 votes or 48.5% versus Hanabusa’s 113,632 votes or 47.8%.

A make-up election was held after Tropical Storm Iselle devastated the area just days before the primary election. The results were still, arguably, quite close with a difference of 1,769 votes separating the two.

Rep. Hanabusa released the following statement Tuesday:

“A big Mahalo to our volunteers and supporters for your hard work, sacrifice and most importantly, for your trust. We would not have gotten as close as we did without the love and Aloha you poured into our campaign. I will forever be humbled and inspired by your support.”

“Though I will not be challenging the results of this election, I remain very concerned about the public’s confidence and trust in our election process. I ask former colleagues and friends in the Hawaii State Legislature to explore what is necessary to ensure the people that their vote truly counts. I heard from many who feel strongly that they were disenfranchised from the voting process this election and I stand ready to support any collaborative effort to have those voices heard.”

“It is time for me to finish my work in the Congress and reflect on the last 16 years of my life in public office. I always wanted to give back and make things better for the people of Hawaii by creating opportunities for the next generation to thrive. I can move on from this election knowing I listened to the people and fought hard for the right to represent them, honorably.”

Candidates have until Thursday to file a complaint. The Supreme Court would then have four days to make a ruling.

Schatz will go on to face Republican Cam Cavasso in the general election on November 4.

In a statement, Schatz said:

“This election has been extraordinary from beginning to end.  It took heart, teamwork and a belief that together we are making a real difference for our state and our country.

I want to congratulate Congresswoman Hanabusa on waging a spirited and tough battle.  Now it is time for us to unite as we move forward to the general election.

I thank the voters for placing their trust and confidence in me. I will never lose sight of the fact that I am only able to do my work representing the people of Hawaii because of the voters’ support.”

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