Hokulea: Arrival in Pago Pago

Photo courtesy Oiwi TV
Photo courtesy Oiwi TV

It’s an exciting, new adventure for Hokulea and Hikianalia, as the voyaging canoes landed in Pago Pago, American Samoa, Thursday night.

The canoes arrived there after a nine-day journey from Aitutaki in the Cook Islands. Pago Pago is the last port of the Tahiti-to-Samoa leg of the voyage.

Prior to arriving in American Samoa, the canoes spent time offshore of the nearby island of Manua on Wednesday afternoon.

Crew members are hoping to teach some of the locals in Pago Pago what their journey is all about.

“This Saturday, we’ll be having an education day,” said Hikianalia crewmember Henani Enos, “a day where the local people can come and visit the canoes and we can share with them our experiences and the different science projects we’ve been doing on the voyage so far.”

New crew members are expected to arrive in Pago Pago on Monday, Aug. 25, to prepare for the next leg of the voyage which will take the canoes to the Phoenix Islands of Kiribati.

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