KHON2 competes in Duke’s OceanFest in Waikiki

Duke’s OceanFest continues through the weekend in Waikiki.

On Friday morning, hundreds of spectators packed Queen’s Beach to honor Hawaii’s most famous waterman, Duke Kahanamoku.

Our very own KHON2 surf team was in the water and, thankfully, team captain Jai Cunningham survived.

JC: Yes, I did survive but just barely, thanks mostly in part to my surfing partners Taizo (Braden) and Chris Latronic and surfing legend Randy Rarick. First off, there were some pretty big waves. I’m not exaggerating, right?

RR: This is the biggest that Queen’s has been for the Duke Fest and I must say I was proud to see you out there charging with us.

JC: The new Hall of Famer, he’s very kind to say that. Chris, what did you think about the conditions? Because it’s not very often that you get just four or five people surfing.

CL: I think it was surreal. You can’t buy this kind of time out at Queen’s Beach with perfect sets coming through, just a couple friends, really non-competitive heat at all, just friends trading off waves, trying to get Jai. Jai got a few, probably a highlight.

The surf festival continues Saturday in Waikiki.

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