New bridge opens on Kauai on Monday

Video still from HDOT/YouTube

The Dept. of Transportation announces the substantial completion of the new Lihue Mill Bridge, which will open to motorists on Monday on Kaumualii Highway, just west of the Rice Street intersection.

The opening and shifting of traffic to the new bridge allows reconstruction to begin on the original Lihue Mill Bridge that was built in 1936.

The shift mauka from the original bridge to new bridge will take place over three days. Westbound traffic will be allowed on the new bridge on the first day; eastbound traffic will be added on the third day. Once the shift is complete, there will continue to be one lane of traffic traveling in each direction for the duration of this project.

The speed limit through this construction zone remains at 25 mph.

The existing makai sidewalk will be closed during reconstruction of the original bridge. Pedestrians should use the intersection at Nawiliwili Road and Kaumualii Highway to access the new mauka sidewalk.

The new Lihue Mill Bridge project is part of the $44 million Kaumualii Highway Project, going from Lihue Mill Bridge to Rice Street that includes the new bridge and reconstruction of the original Lihue Mill Bridge and other improvements.

When this project is completed, the two side-by-side bridges will each carry two lanes of traffic: the new mauka bridge will be for westbound traffic and the reconstructed original bridge for eastbound traffic. This segment of the Kaumualii Highway will also have sidewalks, bicycle lanes and wider shoulders.

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