Strongest earthquake in 25 years hits Northern California

Napa earthquake damage
Napa earthquake damage

NAPA, CA (CNN) – California’s governor has declared a state of emergency the strongest earthquake in 25 years hit Northern California. The damage in Napa, California, is fairly significant.

Inspectors spent much of Sunday determining whether buildings in downtown Napa were safe. Many of them were not.

“There are approximately 33 red tags. These are red tags because of partial collapse, of materials that are falling off the side of the building, or separation of a roof, as an example,” Rick Tooker, Napa Community Development Director said.

The earthquake badly damaged homes, both directly and indirectly. Fires burning and water lines broken, firefighters had people evacuate but couldn’t do much to stop these flames from spreading.

The Red Cross set up a shelter at Crosswalk Community Church.

“We’ve got a couple people who’ve lost everything — homes completely burned down, so nothing left but a foundation,” Woody Baker-Cohn, Red Cross Spokesman said.

A spectacular sound outside an apartment complex in Napa, California, as the earthquake brought a large carport down on vehicles.

“The loudest thunderstorm you can even imagine,” resident Craig Cannon said.

Inside businesses, there has been a lot to clean up with aisle after aisle of damaged merchandise.

California’s wine country took a hit, as casks capable of filling 300 bottles of wine apiece toppled and spilled down the drain.

A child injured by a collapsed fireplace was airlifted to UC Davis Medical Center in critical condition, while Queen of the Valley Hospital treated more than 170 patients. Most suffered cuts and bruises; 13 were hospitalized.

“Of those 13 admissions, seven were for orthopedic issues — fractures — mostly hips, I think we had one ankle, but mostly hips,” Queen of the Valley Hospital President Walt Mickens said.

The FAA says the Napa air traffic control tower is now unusable, after the earthquake blew out most of the windows. The agency planned to set up a temporary tower while the other is being repaired.

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