American Heart Association pushes for e-cigarette regulations

The American Heart Association is warning against the dangers of electronic cigarettes.

The association released its official position in a policy statement Sunday, saying that e-cigarettes can keep people hooked on nicotine and threaten to “re-normalize” tobacco use.

The statement also argues that e-cigarettes that contain nicotine are tobacco products and should be subject to all laws that apply to those products.

The Hawaii chapter is also asking for stricter laws, including banning e-cigarette smoking in the workplace and placing regulations on how the products are marketed to young people.

The state Department of Health says in the past three years, the number of teens who have tried e-cigarettes has tripled.

“They’re exciting. They’re electronic. They appeal to a young adult audience. Someone was quoted as calling them the iPod of smoking,” said Lila Johnson with the state Department of Health.

AHA says it’s now working with the federal government to suggest ways to regulate the e-cigarette industry, which currently has no regulation at all.

It adds that aggressive and unregulated marketing efforts could erode some people’s beliefs in the harmful effects of smoking.

Click here to read the AHA’s full policy statement on electronic cigarettes.

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