Honolulu ranked low in list of U.S. cities with best drivers

According to a just-released national report, Honolulu is in the lower half of a list of 200 largest U.S. cities with the best drivers.

Honolulu is number 140 in the 10th annual Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report. The rankings are based on car collision frequency. While the overall average of U.S. drivers experiencing a collision is one every 10 years, Honolulu drivers average is 8.2 years.

Visitors to www.Allstate.com/BestDriversReport can see where their city drivers rank when factors such as population size, population density and precipitation are considered.  New data and historical rankings from the past 10 years can also be found at the website.

Other familiar cities in the Hawaii grouping:

  • 139. Chicago, IL
  • 140. Honolulu, HI
  • 141. Long Beach, CA
  • 142. San Antonio, TX
  • 143. Norfolk, VA
  • 144. Rochester, NY
  • 145. Frisco, TX
  • 146. Anaheim, CA
  • 147. Fort Worth, TX

Lowest ranking cities’ drivers according to the report are in Boston and Worcester, Mass. who overtook Washington, D.C. (which now sits at 198th) as 199th and 200th, respectively, on the report.  They were joined on the bottom by Springfield, Mass., Providence, R.I., Baltimore, Md., Glendale, Calif., and Philadelphia, Pa .

For the fourth time, the report’s safest city overall is Fort Collins, Colo. Additional top cities by size include Phoenix, Ariz. (among cities with populations of more than one million),  Jacksonville, Fla. (750,000 – 999,999), Milwaukee, Wis. (500,000 – 749,999) and Kansas City, Mo. (250,000 – 499,999).

Fort Collins also is the top-ranked city when population density is factored in. When population is factored in, Kansas City, Mo. is number-one; and Brownsville, Texas, when factoring in precipitation.

1 thought on “Honolulu ranked low in list of U.S. cities with best drivers

  1. I’ve known this for a long time. Now as a retiree I do minimum driving and avoid the freeways, especially getting on those very short onramps that were so poorly designed and built such that you risk your life trying to get on the freeway! Auwe!!!

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