Hokulea: Leaving American Samoa after delay due to high winds and rains

The voyaging canoes' crews say goodbye to their American Samoa hosts in Pago Pago (Photo courtesy Oiwi TV)

On Saturday, it was reported that the voyaging canoes Hokulea and Hikianalia were departing American Samoa with the aim of arriving in Apia, Samoa early next morning.

The canoes and crew will join the United Nations Small Island Developing States Conference scheduled for September 1 through September 4, as a part of a larger partnership promoting environmental sustainability and ocean health for islands around the world.

High winds and waves up to 18 feet originally prompted the canoes to delay their departure.

The sail is expected to take one day and the canoes will cross the international date line for a Monday arrival.

PVS has been invited to play a leading role in the Apia United Nations conference with master navigator Nainoa Thompson scheduled to speak with heads of state, government and business regarding initiatives in global sustainability.

“Our sincere hope is that by sharing the story of our voyage with the global community, it will inspire us all to understand that the issues facing our environment are shared challenges and that we can create shared solutions,” he said.

PVS anticipates joining the conference midway when they can arrive safely into port.

Track the canoes here.

(Photo courtesy Oiwi TV)
(Photo courtesy Oiwi TV)

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