Police look for digital trail of Littleton ‘swatting’ suspect

Colorado swatting victim
Colorado swatting victim

LITTLETON, CO (KDVR/CNN) – Colorado police are still trying to figure out who made a prank call that prompted a massive SWAT team response.

It caused an office building to be evacuated, and nearby schools to go into lockdown mode.

But the caller may have left a digital trail that could lead detectives to the suspect’s front door.

“They’re clearing rooms, what in the world? I think we are being swatted,” Mathewson said.

This YouTube video shows Jordan Mathewson looking over his shoulder Wednesday as the SWAT team barges into his office.

“There is somewhat not really common prank that happens, but it is while we are live streaming to thousands of people,” Daniel Gidlow, a friend of Mathewson, said.

Swatting is basically tricking the police to show up somewhere under false pretenses.

Lakewood had it’s own swatting call last night, possibly by the same person who did the first hoax in Littleton.

And the audio of the second prank call was posted on YouTube.

But the Lakewood dispatcher quickly becomes suspicious.

“How come you’re not calling 911?” the dispatcher asks.

“Because every time I try to call from Skype it doesn’t work,” the caller said.

Police say the target was this home and it was the second time the homeowners were victims of the prank.

“We’re definitely seeing an upward increase in calls,” Lakewood Police Det. Ryan McKone said.

Detective McKone says Lakewood police have had six calls since June.

“These swatters if you will are using various methods, however, they do leave evidence behind,” Detective McKone said.

Police won’t share what that evidence is but they do say swatting is on the increase, and they are beginning to recognize it.

“We are not getting calls from neighbors or multiple people like we typically would if it was let’s say an active shooter situation,” Detective McKone said.

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