Police warn ‘drive sober or get pulled over’ this holiday weekend

For many people, Labor Day weekend means three days of fun. For police, it means another crack down on drunk driving, and there’s a good reason why.

Last year during Labor Day weekend, Honolulu police arrested 107 people for driving under the influence, almost double the amount of DUI arrests during a non-holiday weekend.

The National Safety Council estimates that across the United States this holiday weekend, 395 people will be killed and more than 42,000 people will be injured in car crashes.

As for why this weekend is typically a dangerous weekend out on the roads, Mothers Against Drunk Driving Hawaii executive director Toni Muranaka said, “The holidays, Labor Day, any type of holiday people tend to party a little more than normal.”

On Friday night, MADD and Honolulu police teamed up to send a message to drivers. “The message really is think before you drink,” Muranaka said.

“The message especially for this weekend is drive sober or get pulled over,” said HPD Captain Darren Izumo.

HPD set up a DUI checkpoint on Alapai Street, right next to the main police station. The checkpoint is just one of several sobriety checkpoints police are setting up this holiday weekend — a visible deterrent and reminder.

MADD handed out a gift to drivers who passed — a token of their appreciation.

In addition to the checkpoints, officers are also patrolling the streets looking for drunk drivers.

“Of course a conviction for driving under the influence leads to jail time and a revocation of your license,” Izumo said.

Meanwhile, State DLNR enforcement officers are also on the lookout for alcohol this holiday weekend at the sandbar in Kaneohe.

Under state boating rules, it’s illegal to have or drink alcohol at the Sandbar during certain three-day weekends, including Labor Day weekend.

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