Infant gets caught in ice bucket challenge, angers father

(KHOU/CNN) — It’s been the splash of social media for weeks — the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

But some say a Houston grandfather must have been out of his mind when he poured freezing cold water on himself and his 10-month-old grand-daughter.

“My family was shocked, my friends were shocked,” said the baby’s father Claude Dalcour. “Everybody I know was pretty much shocked and appalled.”

Dalcour said he’s going through a nasty divorce with her mother and things got even nastier when he saw his ex father-in-law’s ice-cold Facebook post.

In fact, it was another person from out-of-state who sent a link to the Facebook post to the Texas Department of Children and Families. The agency won’t confirm it’s investigating but says it’s getting more and more abuse cases through social media.

Dalcour also said he’s gone to the police about the incident.

“It’s not his child, it’s my child,” he said. “That’s my blood. He’s only the granddad and when he did that, that’s disrespectful.”

Despite the father’s anger, the grandfather hasn’t been charged with any crime.

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