Thousands of UH fans come out for season opener

The UH Rainbow Warriors walk into Aloha Stadium for the 2014 season opener.

The 2014 University of Hawaii football season is now underway.

Thousands of fans gathered at Aloha Stadium hours before Saturday’s kickoff, firing up the grill and enjoying the company.

Some fans, like Glenn Takahashi, have been doing this for several decades.

“I’m just a UH fan. That’s it. Through and through. Through thick and thin,” Takahashi said.

Lenny Wright has been a ‘bows supporter for almost 25 years. During that time, he’s only missed one home game.

“I love it. I love to bring people out here and enjoy it because it’s the biggest thing we have going here in Hawaii. This football game,” Wright said.

Last season, the Warriors went 1-11. It’s a far cry from 2007’s 12-0 season when Hawaii made it to the Sugar Bowl.

UH fans we spoke to say it’s important to support the ‘bows through the highs and through the lows.

“Remember in 2007 when we had Colt Brennan here and we went to the Sugar Bowl? That’s why I keep coming back. Because I know we’re gonna do that again sooner or later,” Wright said.

“So when we were doing that 12-0 year, it was crazy. We were there. We seen it. Everybody was on a big high. To get back to that, the fans gotta support the team,” said UH football fan Jonny Gima.

For Gima, supporting the Warriors has become a family tradition.

“Without UH football, I mean, pretty much we ain’t got nothing. So that’s why we do it. Tailgate, have fun with the kids, the family, and what not,” Gima said.

He and his friends even designed custom T-shirts to spread their message.

“We figured the best way to do it is put on a shirt. Let everybody see it. ‘Save the ‘bows’ says it all,” Gima said.

Despite a few rough seasons, these fans say the ‘bows deserve a packed stadium.

“They work their tails off and I appreciate that. They work hard for us,” Wright said.

“It’s always better to play in front of a big crowd than a small crowd. But no matter what, they’re out there putting it all on the line every game. So we gotta be there to support them,” Gima said.

The Rainbow Warriors will take on the Oregon State Beavers next Saturday.

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