Elderly seamstress working towards making a thousand dresses for African girls

(WQAD/CNN) — A 99-year-old woman in Iowa has made hundreds of dresses for little girls in Africa, but for her 100th birthday, she wants to mark the milestone with her 1,000th dress.

For the past two years, Lillian Weber has sewn dresses for little girls. The clothes are sent to a group called Little Dresses for Africa.

Right now, she’s working on dress number 854. She has a goal to make her 1,000th dress by the time she turns 100 in May.

“I’m doing my part. I don’t want any credit for it,” Weber said. “I just want to make them, and send them to them, and let them wear ’em.”

And since her story first came out two weeks ago, she’s been getting a lot of credit … and I mean a lot of credit.

Her story can be seen on hundreds of websites in the U.S., plus in France, Germany and Japan. It’s become a worldwide feel-good story.

“I mean, it’s such a great story,” said Weber’s daughter LeAnn Winger. “Who could read this and not be impressed and, you know, appreciate it?”

One person not impressed is Weber herself. She said she’s not doing it for the attention.

What does mean a lot to her is seeing a picture of four girls actually wearing her dresses, sent to her from the founder of Little Dresses for Africa.

That’s worth more to Weber than a thousand news stories, and that’s what will push her beyond a thousand dresses when she turns 100.

“And if I live beyond that, I still have got material that I can just (use), my hands can do it, and no problem.”

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