Failed Kansas ATM smash and grab

Failed ATM smash and grab
Failed ATM smash and grab

EDWARDSVILLE, KS (KSHB/CNN) – Some persistent thieves in Edwardsville, Kansas repeatedly smashed into the front of a convenience store in an effort to steal an ATM.

Surveillance video shows the men ramming the building with a van.

One man then gets out and tries to crack the ATM to get the cash.

When he can’t get the job done, they smash the van into the building over and over again. A total of six times.

In the end, they only made off the ATM’s computer, which they later ditched.

The owner of Snappy Stores said the thieves couldn’t get the ATM because it was bolted to the ground.

He didn’t lose any cash or goods, but was left with about $30,000 in damage to the building.

Kansas police are still looking for the suspects.

You can see the van has a phone number on it — perhaps that’s offered some clues in the investigation.

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