Ask HPD: Is it okay to ride moped or motorcycle in bike lane?


Detective Sharie Souza of the Honolulu Police Department Criminal Investigation Division will answer this week’s question from a viewer.

Question: Can you ride a moped or a motorcycle in the bike lane?

Answer: Mopeds like bicycles must use a bike lane if it is provided on a roadway.

Motorcycles on the other hand are restricted from using a bike lane.

There is a difference between a bicycle lane and a bicycle path. A bike lane is a portion adjacent to the roadway, while a bike path is separated from a highway like the bike path around Pearl Harbor.

Mopeds can be restricted from using a bike path so please obey the signs.

*** Editor’s note ***

A viewer brought a discrepancy with the Hawaii Revised Statutes cited about and the Revised Ordinances on Honolulu. Below is a statement from the county on how these are handled from the county level:

There currently exists a conflict between the above statute and a Honolulu ordinance. In a situation like this, the state statute takes precedence over the ordinance. The police, therefore, will not issue a citation under 15-6.7 to a person riding a moped in a bicycle lane.

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