Plans for new football field, tennis courts, track move forward at McKinley

McKinley High School

Grand plans to build an athletic complex at McKinley High School have hit some major bumps, but a proposal to build a new football field is moving forward.

One of those bumps is the state-of-the-art softball stadium, which was built over a year ago, but still can’t be used because it has not passed safety inspection.

That’s because the fire hydrant built by the stadium does not have enough water pressure.

Over the summer, a new water meter and water line were built along Pensacola Street to fix the problem, and that was supposed to be done before the school year started. But it’s still not done.

The principal tells KHON2 that the water pressure will be tested within a couple of weeks. If all goes well, then the school will get the certificate of occupation and the softball stadium can finally be used.

As for the football field, construction is scheduled to start in November. The school also plans to build new tennis courts and a track field. Some of these facilities will be open to the public.

“We wanted to obviously make some improvements for McKinley but also we realize that Kamakee Street would sort of dead-end at campus, so the idea was ultimately some of the facilities could be open for some community use when not being used by the school,” said Nick Nichols, Department of Education Facilities Management.

It will take about a year to complete the football field, tennis courts and track at a cost of about $6 million.

Another facility sitting idle for over a year is the girls’ locker room, because the fire alarm wasn’t installed properly.

KHON2 was told that it has just passed inspection, so that will be in use shortly.

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