Former school custodian ‘devastated’ over sex assault allegation

James Holt

UPDATE: Prosecutors want to dismiss the charges against a former school custodian accused of sexually assaulting a boy at an Oahu campus.

A former school custodian charged with sexually assaulting a five-year-old student appeared in court Thursday morning.

The attorney for James Holt told KHON2 his client is devastated over the accusations.

Holt, 53, is being accused of sex assault, but his attorney wanted to make certain folks know what happened in his initial appearance.

“At this point, it is still in the preliminary phases, and he is awaiting a probable cause hearing to see if there is enough evidence to even allow this case to go forward,” said Victor Bakke, Holt’s attorney.

In the courtroom Thursday, a probable cause hearing was set for September 26.

Bakke says his client did nothing wrong and he wonders if there has even been an investigation.

“At this point, we’re denying everything,” Bakke said. “So there was no investigation into this case. Evidently, the allegation was made on Wednesday, and my client was arrested and he was charged on Friday. So, I don’t see how there was any investigation done in that short period of time.”

Bakke says his client was at work at Kanoelani Elementary last week when it all went down.

“He was at school on Wednesday and they pulled him out, then they drove this kid by him, and he is standing next to a police officer. And the kid points at him and then they take him and throw him in jail, and that’s it,” Bakke said.

Holt worked for the Department of Education for 14 years.

He remains free after posting $50,000 bail.

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