Selfies help police catch man accused of stealing from elderly Tennessee man

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG/CNN) – A suspected thief is behind bars, accused of trying to steal thousands of dollars from his elderly neighbor.

Sim Arnett is grateful for his cellphone. He says it showed Cleo Moore trying to steal more than $16,000 from Arnett’s 97-year-old father.

“Everybody just wants to take advantage of the elderly now for some reason. It’s like, you know, they old,” said Arnett.

Arnett took his elderly mom to Nashville for the day, but left his dad at home on East Mallory.

Last week when they returned, his dad was fine, but Arnett’s tablet was gone.

“I asked dad if anybody had been over, he said, no. I said ‘oh somebody’s been in here then,’” said Arnett.

The next day, Arnett found selfies in his email, with forged checks from his dad’s account, written out to Moore.

“When the pictures showed up on my iPad, I said that’s it!” Arnett said.

The tablet is synced to Arnett’s cellphone, and the selfies led police right to the suspect next door.

“He didn’t know the pictures come back to my cellphone, see. He’s taking pictures holding my dad’s checks,” said Arnett.

Next door, Moores’ father didn’t want to speak with us on camera.

But when we showed him the police report and photographs, he said if his son did the crime, he’s on his own.

“It makes you angry to see them do the elderly like that,” said Arnett.

Arnett believes Moore sneaked into the house while his elderly father took a short walk.

“My father is, like I said, 97. So he’s not always thinking about what he’s doing,” said Arnett.

But apparently, Moore didn’t think either. Knowing his suspected naughty neighbor is behind bars comforts Arnett.

“I can rest a little better. I can leave home and not have to worry about my parents here,” said Arnett.

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