Your animal ate what?!?

They ate WHAT? X-treme animal X-Rays! Jeanne Moos has the year's weirdest pet snacks, from a bra to rubber duckies.

(CNN) — It’s called, “they ate what?”

It’s a totally different kind of pet shaming run by vets nationwide.

You never know where their nose has been or what they’re guilty of eating until you see the x-ray and learn what hooked them.

From Marley the pooch who grabbed a shish kabob skewer loaded with meat to Yoda the chihuahua who somehow swallowed nine sewing needles.

We present the winners of the 2014 X-Ray Contest organized by Veterinary Practice News.

Maybe you’ve already seen the Great Dane that gulped down 43 and a half socks.

The vet had to slice open his stomach.

“Removing sock after sock of all different shapes, colors, and sizes,” Dr. Ashley Magee said.

Try finding a matching pair.

Maybe this goes with this, or is it this?

For some reason, first prize went to a frog who had the munchies and ate 30 ornamental stones in his cage.

Then, there was the light bulb Cody the golden retriever swallowed and managed to pass intact.

It could have been worse. I’d like to see Cody pass this CFL bulb intact.

Talk about swallowing alien objects, Mitchell the cat actually ingested a toy alien.

Its outstretched arms made it impossible to pull out, so they had to operate.

All of the pets you see here recovered from their meals.

Take Stella the pug.

She downed 104 pennies and a quarter: $1.29.

It’s okay, Doc. You can keep the change.

Norris the rat terrier won honorable mention thanks to this nondescript metal clip the x-ray revealed.

Attached to it was his owner’s bra.

Norris’ cup runneth over no longer. He’s been banned from the laundry room.

Even a lizard received honorable mention for swallowing a tiny banana from Barbie’s Dream House, where he occasionally lounges.

Then there’s Woof, observed by his owner wolfing down a rubber ducky straight out of the tub.

Turns out there was a flock of five in there that the vet had to remove.

“Rubber ducky, you’re the one. You make bath time lots of fun.” … or if not fun, at least filling.

“Rubber ducky, I’m awfully fond of you.”

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