Future plans for Kakaako development discussed

Kakaako has been much in the news lately and the organization overseeing the area’s development, the Hawaii Community Development Authority, has been under the microscope.

The HCDA held an open house Saturday to encourage community input.

Charts, maps and photos covered the walls of its meeting room, but there is a real space just outside the doors of the building, and residents are concerned about what the future holds for the neighborhood.

“On a piece of paper, it looks just fine, that by 2030, we’re going to have 30,000 people in Kakaako,” said area resident Eva Gallegos. “But people need to realize that this is a postage stamp-sized piece of land. Where are they going to bring in 30,000 people (to) live here?”

HCDA director Anthony Ching said “I think it’s an ongoing process where we must be mindful and diligent about making sure that we dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s with respect to historic preservation, regional traffic, (and) to the fact that our parks and facilities serve sometime more than just our residents.”

Saturday’s open house was just the first in a series designed to provide the community the opportunity to voice opinions about the overall plans for Kakaako.

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