Make-A-Wish Hawaii grants girl’s dream to meet a unicorn

Waimea Valley

The Make-A-Wish Foundation has been granting wishes for more than 30 years, but Monday’s wish from a little girl from Georgia may have been the most unique.

The six-year-old, who is battling lymphoid leukemia, longed to visit Hawaii, where she believes unicorns live in the rainforest.

So Make-A-Wish Hawaii enlisted the help of volunteer actors from Diamond Head Theatre, writer Alvin Chan and a Waimanalo horse owner to create Addison’s very own fairy-tale ending.

“There was a lot that went into this production,” said Siana Hunt, Make-A-Wish Hawaii president and CEO. “The script was written here in Hawaii. All of our characters were local born-and-raised actors and actresses who gave up their heart today to see Addison’s wish come true.”

The group led Addison through Waimea Valley on a magical quest to “free the queen” by finding a flower, fruit and, ultimately, a unicorn.

“We found out it liked songs, then I got to sit on the unicorn at the end, and it was happily ever after,” Addison said.

While the wish drew upon make-believe, the delight on Addison’s face was very real.

“It’s just really touching to see the lengths that everybody has gone through to make her day so memorable,” said Addison’s mother, Danielle Bulloch. “I teared up twice as we were walking through the forest looking for flowers and fruits.”

Addison has been battling leukemia for two-and-a-half years. She is now in remission.

“It’s been grueling watching her go through being sick and going through chemotherapy,” Bulloch said. “Even when she was in the throes of the heaviest doses of chemo, when there were days when she couldn’t even walk because she was so weak and her blood counts were so low, she still had a smile on her face.”

“A wish helps you put all of that behind, even for just a small moment,” Hunt said. “In Hawaii, it takes our whole island home to make these wishes possible.”

Click here for more information about Make-A-Wish Hawaii.

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