Hero dog dies after saving Michigan family from fire

Jersey the hero dog
Jersey the hero dog

BROWNSTOWN TOWNSHIP, MI (WXYZ/CNN) – A Michigan couple is calling their dog Jersey a hero after she saved them from a fire that destroyed their home and ultimately killed her.

From the outside, you can tell there was a fire at this house on Lavender at Brownstown Township, but when you see the inside, you know it was devastating. The flames tore through the house several nights ago as Kim and Tom Zaker slept in the basement to stay cool because they didn’t have A/C.

“We lost power that day,” Tom said.

Tom says he woke up to their dog Jersey crying, barking, and scratching at the basement door. He went to check on her, and saw flames.

“So I ran back downstairs, grabbed my wife,” Tom said.

“He got me out, and then he went back in to try and get Jersey,” Kim said.

“…and the heat was so thick, it was like an oven, but I could hear my dog in there, and there’s nothing I could have done for her,” Tom said.

“The house can be replaced, but Jersey cannot,” Kim said.

“Jersey is my hero. She saved me and my wife, and it’s very hard,” Tim said.

Firefighters say if Jersey hadn’t woke them up when she did, the basement door would have caught fire and trapped them.

They would have died.

The thought makes them grateful for what they do have as Tom recovers from a knee injury and smoke inhalation, and it will take a year to rebuild their house.

Now in honor of Jersey, a dog who died a hero, they’re hoping that sharing their story could save your life.

With all of the power outages Michigan has been having, it’s important for people to know the cause of this fire.

It started behind a TV mounted on a wall, when a surge protector caught fire.

The Zakers learned too late, you’re not supposed to use surge protectors when you’re using a generator.

“Cause I never want to see this happen to anybody,” Tom said.

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