Waialae residents worried about rockfall hazard, BWS plans remediation project

Kalaniiki Street, Waialae

For years, people living along Kalaniiki Street in Waialae have worried about the hillside behind their home.

While residents say the neighborhood is quiet, many are worried about the large boulders perched high above and several loose rocks that could potentially fall.

“We’ve been living here for quite awhile. You can notice the erosion coming down,” said resident Kurt Edwards.

Edwards grew up on Kalaniiki Street. His parents have lived in the home for over 40 years.

Edwards says the dangers of living at the bottom of a steep hill are always in the back of everyone’s minds.

“Nothing has happened, yet. But it’s not a matter of if, I’d say when,” he said. “Something will fall, because you can see rocks jut out more and more.”

It worries Kurt, whose elderly parents still live in the home at the bottom of the hill.

The Board of Water Supply, which has a reservoir on Waialae Ridge, is working on a rockfall remediation project.

“That is what we are trying to do — make sure that it is safe and that it doesn’t pose danger,” said BWS spokeswoman Jill Kuramoto.

During an archaeological survey, two small burial caves were found on the property. The Board of Water Supply says its rockfall project will have no effect on the caves.

The expected start date for the rockfall mitigation project is June 2015 and a wire mesh drape system will be installed at the site.

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