Bank of Hawaii urges customers to monitor their account activity

Bank of Hawaii is urging customers to monitor their account activity for any suspicious transactions following the confirmation of a data breach at Home Depot.

Any suspicious transactions should be immediately reported to the bank’s 24-hour customer service center at 1-888-643-3888.

Although the bank monitors customer accounts for suspicious or fraudulent activity, bank officials are encouraging customers to also do so in light of this recent data breach.

In addition, the bank advises customers to make sure their contact information is current so the bank may reach them, if necessary, to alert them of suspected fraudulent activity, mail new cards or send important information. Customers may update their contact information by visiting a bank branch, logging on to e-Bankoh, or calling the bank’s customer service center.

Bank of Hawaii never calls or texts customers to request personal information such as PINs, social security numbers or account numbers. Such requests should be viewed as suspicious.

For more information, visit the bank’s website at:

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