Fixing flaws in Board of Water Supply billing system

Board of Water Supply


The Board of Water Supply is getting heat after a city audit report said rates should go down.

KHON2 first told you on Tuesday that the audit found flaws in the board’s new billing system.

The report says there was not enough planning before the company implemented its billing system last year causing errors that resulted in big bills.

Now that the audit is complete what will be done to make sure the issues are fixed?

“They were getting these estimated bills for in the thousands of dollars,” said Councilmember Ann Kobayashi.

Problems stemming from a 2013 customer care and billing system implemented by the board of water supply.

“Last year we did have many challenges with the issue of a large number of estimated bills,” said Ernest Lau with the Honolulu Board of Water Supply.

Large bills as well as multiple calls coming into Honolulu city council members, which led them to take action.

“This should not happen and that’s why we asked for an audit because something was definitely wrong,” said Kobayashi.

That audit report was released Tuesday, some of the findings point out monthly charges that could be reduced and that the meter reading process contributes to the high number of estimated bills.

“They believe that the board or administration cannot justify the large amounts of money they’ve been collecting,” said Kobayashi.

So what is the council doing now after the audit report came out?

“This monthly billing change is what we have to look at as I say I don’t know if refunding is a problem, for me lets not increase that cost or change it,” said Kobayashi. She went on to say that there would be a committee hearing on Tuesday regarding the matter.

While Kobayashi points out that the cost must change she also said the board of water has made some improvements.

“They are instituting a lot of changes they certainly have improved their phone system,” said Kobayashi.

The Board of Water says that some of those changes coming even before the audit.

We added additional resources to deal with the conversion from a bill every two months to a bill every month,” said Lau.

But for Kobayashi, the issue far from over.

“The bottom line is they shouldn’t charge us anymore, there should not be an increase in that monthly charge,” said Kobayashi.


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