Donation will allow Kapolei community event to proceed despite theft

(Photo courtesy Maile Alau)

A community event will go on in Kapolei despite a recent theft.

Sometime between 9 p.m. Wednesday and 6 a.m. Thursday, someone took the canopy off a tent on the Prince Kuhio Community Center property.

The theft shocked Hawaii Maoli executive director Maile Alau. “The tent was a fixture in the community, used by Life through Christ ministries and the community for family events, graduation parties, baby luaus,” she said. “Clearly it was someone who knew what they’re doing. You can’t just take things down. They weigh 500-600 pounds by the time it comes off.”

The tent was to be used this weekend for a community craft fair and movie night, and its loss put the event in jeopardy.

Since our story aired, Alau confirmed Ahuna Party Rentals is loaning a tent for the weekend.

Members of the Department of Hawaiian Homelands Kanehili Community and Hawaii Maoli volunteers will be providing overnight security to assure that the tent stays put.

Thanks to support from the community and getting the word out through television news, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the Prince Kuhio Community Center’s Craft Fair and Movie Night is on for tomorrow night.

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