Remembering Hawaii’s 9/11 victims

People across the nation and the world are pausing to remember that fateful day 13 years ago.

Five people from Hawaii and four people with Hawaii ties were killed in the September 11, 2001, terror attacks.

Punahou School lost two graduates: Heather Ho, class of 1987, and Richard Lee, class of 1986. They were both working in one of the World Trade Center towers, just floors apart.

Kaiser High School also lost a former student, Maile Hale, class of 1993. She was attending a business meeting at the restaurant where Ho was an executive chef.

Christine Snyder of Kailua was aboard United Airlines Flight 93, which went down in Pennsylvania. She was an arborist for the Outdoor Circle of Hawaii.

Also lost was Georgine Corrigan, who was on that same plane. She was an artist and antiques collector from Hawaii Kai.

Others with Hawaii ties who were lost were Michael Collins, Richard Keane, Patricia Colodner and David Laychak.

Click here for photos in remembrance of 9/11.

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