‘Under the Blood-Red Sun’ public premiere held at the Pacific Aviation Museum

The public got its first chance to see a “made in Hawaii” movie this afternoon, titled “Under the Blood-Red Sun.”

The public premiere took place at the Pacific Aviation Museum.

The film is based on a popular novel by author Graham Salisbury.

KHON was there when the stars and director met their fans.

The movie has been a decade in the works and today, actors, directors and producers were happy to sign autographs for fans.

“Under the Blood-Red Sun” tells the story of two boys living in Hawaii at the start of World War II.

“The movie’s about friendship and loyalty and courage and doing the right thing,” director Tim Savage said. “And it’s a really important message i think for not just kids, but i think all families.”

There were challenges getting the filming done, including shots of the young men.

“He was only going to be 13 for a short period of time and they just change so quickly in those years so we had to get started, and we had to finish while he was still the right age,” Savage said.

Salisbury contributed in writing the screenplay along with producer Dana Hankins.

“I gave it a shot and with her help, we massaged it until the point where it worked and so if i’m uncomfortable with it, it’s my own fault,” Salisbury said. “But I’m totally pleased with the way it came out.”

For her part, Hankins believes the movie is about more than just young boys growing up in Hawaii during World War II.

“There’s something that speaks very much to how we live our lives here in Hawaii, which is less about the color of our skin, or where we come from and much more about what’s in our hearts and our souls and, in a way, where we went to school or who our greater Ohana is,” Hankins said.

This is not director’s first go around when it comes to motion pictures. He directed a film called “Goodbye Paradise” starring Joe Moore.

“Joe Moore happens to be the dad of Bryce Moore, one of the stars of “Under the Blood-Red Sun,” so now instead of saying Bryce is Joe’s son, Joe is really just Bryce’s dad,” Savage said.

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