Action Line: Phone schemes to get your money

Many crooks are always looking for ways to get their hands on your personal information that includes getting access to your computer — and all it could take is one phone call.

Police explain how to avoid becoming a victim.

Honolulu police have seen an increase of phone phishing schemes in Hawaii. Even their own police officers have received suspicious phone calls.

“I actually got a phone call from one a couple of weeks ago and he started to run me through commands on the computer to test the computer,” Honolulu Police Department Lt. John McCarthy said.

International criminals are using fake phone area code generators to make calls pretending to be reputable software companies looking to fix your computer.

“Another one that is going around the Internet is the Microsoft scam that is perpertuated by Indian males. They normally have an accent and they say they are scouring the internet and out of all the computers in the world they found a virus on your computer. What they do is they try to get your information,” said McCarthy.

Once they get into your computer, they usually install a malware or computer virus that monitors and tracks your personal information.

“They’ll monitor your habits and get bank account information,” explained McCarthy.

If your computer shares a network at work or at home, you can still be at risk no matter what you do. So experts you can do this one extra step to keep you protected.

“Encrypt, encrypt, encrypt. Passwords are pretty much obsolete. If you encrypt than its that added layer. It makes it difficult makes it harder. I think that that is the best safety method you can do. If not store everything off the computer,” said McCarthy.

For more information, check out the Action Line section on our website.

You can also email your consumer concerns to or call weekdays from 11a.m.-1 p.m.

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