California surfer attacked by 15-foot great white shark

California surfer attacked by great white
California surfer attacked by great white

MANRESA STATE BEACH, CA (KSBW/CNN) – A California man claims he was knocked off his surf board by a great white shark.

Around 6:45 p.m. Saturday, Beau Browning says he was surfing about 50 yards out from shore at Manresa Beach when a 15-foot great white shark knocked him off of his surf board.

“I caught my second wave, and barely got into it and out of nowhere, I was popped into the air, by probably like 10-15 feet, and I looked down and saw a shark, roll over on my board and he took a bite on the way down,” Browning said.

Browning had no injuries from the attack, but his board is not usable anymore.

He says a great white shark came out of the water, landed on his surf board and split it.

He was still tethered to his board, so when the shark began swimming it pulled him under water for five seconds.

“And he finally let go and I let go of my leash and I was finally able to get up to the surface,” Browning said.

But Browning doesn’t blame the shark.

“They were just doing what they’re designed to do, and they thought I was something else. And that’s all it is, I got no hard feelings against sharks,” Browning said.

Unprovoked shark attacks are rare. Since 1926, there’s only been ten total shark attacks in Monterey County, two of them fatal.

And in Santa Cruz County, only seven total attacks since 1926, none of which were fatal.

Surfers out at Manresa Beach say sharks won’t stop them from surfing.

“We know they’re out there all the time, it’s a little creepy to hear of an attack, but I try and block it off, just go back in the water and have fun,” said surfer Mahmoud Alnahlawi.

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