The world’s first 3D printed car unveiled in Chicago

3D printed electric car
3D printed electric car

CHICAGO (WGN/CNN) – Imagine if you could build a car yourself, to your exact specifications — instantly!

With the push of a button, entrepreneurs took a major step toward making that a reality this weekend in Chicago.

This is the Strati, and its inventors say it is the world’s first 3D printed electric vehicle.

The car didn’t come off an assembly line — instead, it was literally “printed” out of carbon fiber and plastic, using a giant 3D printer.

Glass windows, headlights, the motor and battery, and a few other parts were added later.

Strati’s creators say it took just 44 hours to build the car, and it used fewer than 50 parts.

Just don’t plan on much highway driving in this tiny car, it can only get up to about 40 miles an hour.

The battery lasts about 120 miles between charges.

Engineers working on Strati say they hope to bring the vehicle to market as early as next year, retailing for about $18,000.

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