Wisconsin toddler with cancer gets birthday wish: mail

Beckett Roerdink
Beckett Roerdink

GREENVILLE, WI (WBAY/CNN) – In Wisconsin, a little boy with a rare form of cancer is getting his birthday wish thanks to the kindness of hundreds of people.

There is only one thing he wants for his birthday, mail.

For 3-year-old Beckett Roerdink there’s a sense of excitement every time the mail comes.

Whether it’s packages or cards, they’re all arriving as part of Beckett’s birthday wish.

“His birthday is on the 17th and his simple wish was that he wanted mail. Lots of mail. Just cards, letters, that’s what he wanted,” his mother Melanie Roerdink explains.

Beckett’s mother says her son was diagnosed last year with Grade II Ependymoma, a type of cancer known for producing brain tumors.

Already he’s had surgeries that have effected his eyesight and nerves.

Long term survival is about 5 years.

“There’s no cure. There’s no remission. They just do an MRI every three months and look to see if there’s a tumor or damage from radiation. So if they would find a tumor it just gets harder and harder to treat,” Melanie said.

As the youngest of three kids, Beckett has lots of support.

“I mean it’s huge, it’s a huge smile on his face and at the end of the day it’s all that matters is that he’s happy you know. It doesn’t have to be something that’s big you know, but how amazing,” Melanie said.

From Post-Crescent Media:

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