3 women out for girls’ night accused of prostitution at NYC hotel

Women accused of solicitation at NYC hotel
Women accused of solicitation at NYC hotel

NEW YORK (WABC/CNN) — A girls night out at a trendy New York City nightspot turned into a night they’ll never forget for all the wrong reasons.

Three friends were accused of being prostitutes!

The women say a security guard at The Standard Hotel in the Meatpacking District told them to stop soliciting.

Now the hotel is apologizing.gift

The three ladies were at the trendy spot on August 28 having a cocktail at the bar.

One has a law background and the other two are teachers.

The women say a male customer walked up to them and was acting strangely.

When a security guard approached, they assumed he was there to help them.

But instead, they say he pulled the stranger aside and doubled back to them.

“He was so adamant that he had caught us soliciting sex in the restaurant. I mean, my reaction was pure mortification,” J. Lyn Thomas said.

The women are convinced it had everything to do with the color of their skin, since they say they were dressed like everyone else there that night.

The ladies asked to speak to a manger, who eventually showed up – but they say they got nowhere and left.

But they weren’t willing to let this one slide, wrote a letter to the hotel, and eventually heard back, and got an apology.

To make good, the Standard invited the group back for a bottle of champagne and dinner for four.

The Standard outsources its security and issued a statement saying in part:

The guard at the center of this mess “…is no longer welcome to work at our establishment, and we have launched a full internal review of the standard’s policies and procedures…”

The hotel also said it has zero tolerance for any kind of discrimination.

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