GoPro headcam captures Argentina armed robbery

Mugging at gunpoint captured by victim's head cam. The good news is the only thing shot was the robber's image.

Argentina robbery caught on GoPro
Argentina robbery caught on GoPro

Courtesy / Global Degree

It happens all the time. A tourist gets mugged by an armed robber. But what made this attempted robbery unusual was that you can watch the entire thing go down because it was captured by a head cam worn by the victim.

CNN’s Jeanne Moos reports the only thing shot was the bad guy’s image.

Meet a would-be robber with a gun… who doesn’t realize he’s on camera.

“I completely forgot I had a GoPro on my head,” said Alex Hennessy.

Canadians Hennessy and Mike Graziano are trying to travel to 195 countries.

But while on a bike tour in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Hennessy thought a guy on a motorbike was just a bad driver until seconds later the would-be robber cut him off again.

“Give me the backpack. Amigo, amigo, amigo, amigo, amigo, mochila,” said the man.

“I don’t know what you’re saying man. I don’t know what you’re saying,” answers Hennessy.

Hennessy played dumb, pretending it was the bike the mugger wanted.

“The bike?” Hennessy asked.

And he resorted to one of the few words of Spanish he knows.

“Amigo… yeah I gotta give it to him,” Hennessy said.

But he resisted giving his backpack containing $4,000 worth of camera gear to this “friend.”

“Yeah amigo, ha ha, I think we should put an amigo counter at bottom of the video,” Hennessy joked.

We counted about 21…

“Amigo, amigo, amigo, amigo, amigo…”

Hennessy’s buddy Graziano and others came to the rescue.

“As I’m running I hear a girl say ‘oh my God he has a gun,’” Graziano remembers.

Too many witnesses apparently scared the mugger off, and as Hennessy ran he felt something on his forehead.

“It dawned on me, holy bleep, I’ve got a GoPro and I’m recording,” Hennessy said,

He grabbed another bike, and they flagged down a policeman.

“I’ve got entire thing on my GoPro (laughs),” Hennessy said.

Now the police have the video, but they tell CNN the mugger has not yet been identified or arrested.

Were you scared?

“Yeah of course,” Hennessy said.

That deserved a dumb question counter.

“And get this…this was the second time in a month that Alex was robbed at gunpoint,” Graziano said.

A few weeks earlier in Ecuador, a guy pointed a gun at Hennessy and took his iPhone.

“It became a running joke about Alex robbed at gunpoint everywhere we go. I’m pretty callous. No longer fazed by guns. I need them to show me bullets (ha ha),” Graziano joked.

Just watch out for your “friends.”

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