HPD reminds drivers to lock cars, remove valuables

Pensacola Street

Lock your vehicles and don’t leave any valuables behind. That’s the message from the Honolulu Police Department.

A spokesperson for HPD says the sign was placed there by officers in the Community Policing division.

According to HPD, these signs are placed all throughout the community and are used to remind people to be more aware.

Larry Hurst has been with the Sheridan Community Citizen’s Patrol for the past 10 years. He believes the sign encourages drivers to think twice.

“Don’t leave things that people can see that look like they’re a temptation to steal. And if you do that, the two-legged cockroaches, they’re gonna go to the next car. They’re not going to bother your car,” Hurst said.

We wanted to know how many crimes were reported in the area. So we logged onto HPD’s website to use the crime mapping tool. So far this month, there’s been a total of 51 vehicle break-ins and vehicle thefts within a one-mile radius of the sign on Pensacola Street.

Some drivers, like Shannon Earnst, say it’s important to do everything you can to keep criminals away.

“I own a Honda Civic, so it’s targeted. So I always make sure it’s locked. Turn on the alarm on. Leave no valuables. Nothing that’s inviting to a thief to wanna break in and steal it,” Earnst said.

The people we spoke to say they’d like to see more of these signs across the island.

“I would really like to see more of these rotating around. I think it’s a really good thing,” Hurst said.

“If it’ll help and prevent car break-ins and it will make people think, then yeah. Maybe it might be a good thing. Although, I still say this is something that if you own a car, it should be automatic to lock the doors. But I think in this day and age some people do need reminding,” Earnst said.

For more information on HPD’s Community Policing teams, visit this website.

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