Hot weather means more business for Oahu store

Customers at City Mill in Iwilei.

It’s no surprise that many people are looking for ways to stay cool.

Employees at the City Mill in Iwilei say fans are a hot-selling item.

“It’s been triple the sales. We’ve had people coming in. Say for instance, schools have been buying like 20, 30 at a time ’cause it’s so hot,” said Jay Kamiya, training coordinator at City Mill Iwilei.

The fans range in prices from around $10 to $130. Lately, they’ve sold between $5,000 and $6,000 worth of fans every day.

The store has also seen an increase in air conditioner sales.

“Hard economic times. People go for the less expensive one. That’s completely sold out right now. That’s the 5,000 BTU. We’ve ordered this maybe five times so far. And every it goes out. We’re sold out,” Kamiya said.

Customers are so desperate to keep cool, they’re even buying fan display models.

“As long as this heat keeps up, I’m sure it’s going to continue that way,” Kamiya said.

Some customers we spoke to say the heat is unbearable.

“A lot of fans, open all the windows. And it still doesn’t satisfy,” said customer Michael Reece. “And sports season. You wanna be at home. You got your Sunday ticket and you wanna watch the game. And you need AC.”

Experts at the National Weather Service say this type of weather is common for this time of year. They say warmer temperatures are expected to stick around for the next few days.

“Expecting a little of a boost in the tradewinds on Monday or Tuesday. They’re really not going to be that strong, though. So it will probably feel a little warm,” said Matt Foster, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service.

So when we’ll we see some relief?

“Probably by mid-week the trades will be strong enough where you’ll start to feel a difference and it will start blowing in some cooler and drier air,” Foster said. “We also have a front that’s also expected to approach the islands on Thursday, so we may not get rid of the moisture just yet. But hopefully by next weekend.”

The NWS says to drink plenty of fluids and stay hydrated if you’re planning to head outdoors this weekend.

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