Missing Texas dog found 6 years later… in Indiana

Bailey the lost Yorkie
Bailey the lost Yorkie

Indianapolis (WTHR/CNN) – A 10-year-old Yorkie turned up in Indianapolis six years after he disappeared from his comfortable lifestyle in Austin, Texas.

If Bailey has learned anything, he has learned how to put his best foot forward. He’s certainly won over everyone at Post Pet Hospital on Pendleton Pike.

Someone found him this week – bone in tow – and noticed he needed attention, so they took him to the vet.

“Looking at him when he came in, we were like, ‘He is not going to be chipped’ because he was covered in fleas, looked terrible, teeth were terrible,” vet tech Diana Redmond observed.

When they scanned the chip, they were surprised to learn he was registered.

But that wasn’t the biggest surprise. He disappeared from Austin, Texas six years ago.

Luckily all the phone numbers in Bailey’s file were still current, so Redmond made that long distance call to Austin.

“She could barely talk. ‘I’m overwhelmed. I’m so excited. I’m not making any sense. Oh my gosh he is my family’,” Redmond remembered.

The pictures bare all that out. Bailey was living a dog’s life before he disappeared. He was the ring bearer in his owners’ wedding – made himself at home in Austin with the baby. His future was so bright he had to wear shades.

But that was six years ago.

“After his bath, he was so relaxed. One of the girls was holding him and he just flopped over and fell asleep. You could tell it was the first time he had fallen asleep in a long time with all those fleas on him,” the vet techs said.

Donations have already raised $800 to get Bailey back to his home in Austin.

“We actually have someone who is traveling to Austin Thursday night, so she will take him with her. He needs medical care. His teeth are rotten and in need of medical care, so the money raised will go to medical care,” Danielle Beck from Indy Lost Pet Alert said.

The key to this homecoming was the micro-chip.

“It is rare for a dog to be missing for six years and be secured with a micro-chip,” Beck said.

Bailey has been enjoying all the attention and certainly all the treats for now, but the real treat will come on Thursday.

A lot has changed since Bailey left Austin. His family – which had one child when he disappeared – now has three, but they said their love for Bailey has not changed.

Bailey’s family set up a Go Fund Me page to pay for dental work, since he needs a number of teeth pulled.

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