Pistol-packing Texas pastor stops suspected package thief

A pastor runs after a woman he says has been stealing his packages. The takedown is caught on surveillance camera.

Texas grandmother stealing packages
Texas grandmother stealing packages

BAYTOWN, TX (KTRK/CNN) – A pistol-packing pastor got tired of having his packages stolen from his front porch, so he did something about it.

He used a surveillance camera and waited for the thief to strike again, then tackled her on his front yard.

Pastor Benny Holmes and his wife Pat are people of God.

“He was at his wits end,” Pat Holmes explains.

Tormented for months by a sinner, a thief.

“Thou shall not steal,” Pat said.

Police say the thief is 52-year-old grandmother Laurie Ferguson.

52-year-old grandmother Laurie Ferguson
52-year-old grandmother Laurie Ferguson

She was seen stealing packages from the pastor’s front porch.

Caught on camera… twice.

Once stuffing a large box into a car, and again in June with another box.

Inside of the second box, Pat Holmes’ new pastor robe.

“He determined in his mind that he would sit here, however long it took. To see if he could find her,” Pat said.

He finally did.

After waiting all day with fake boxes on his porch as bait, Ferguson pulled up.

“Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall be also reaped,” Pat said.

And with gun in hand the Pastor Benny bolts through his front door and pins down Ferguson.

Ferguson’s excuse?

“She said I’m looking for my dog. He said you found your dog. Bow wow. (laughing),” Pat said.

Minutes later police arrived and arrested Ferguson.

In Ferguson’s backseat were her two grandchildren that she brought along for the ride.

When police searched her home, they found a number of packages from other neighbors around the home. Dozens of them.

“I learned they had retrieved quit a few packages from her house,” Pat said.

Tonight this family of faith has a package for Ferguson. An offering of forgiveness.

“We already have it gift wrapped,” Pat said.

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